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Expedition Rangers Advancement Trail


The focus of the advancement trail is to help boys develop into young men who have the skills to make good sound decisions, strong moral character, exemplify leadership skills, and are founded in the Word of God.  The advancement system in Expedition Rangers consists of these three awards:

  • E1 Award – typically earned after one full year of involvement in the program
  • E2 Award – typically earned after a second full year in the program
  • E3 Award – typically earned after a third full year in the program

Each award is presented after the young man has earned the specified number of merits in each merit category, as well as the required number of Spirit Challenge lessons.  Requirement details for each award can be found on our ER Advancement Details page.

E1 Award E2 Award E3 Award
E1 Award E2 Award E3 Award


Nearly one hundred silver merits are available for Expedition Rangers to choose from in earning these awards.  Merit materials are available through TRaCclub, the online Royal Ranger curriculum, or through the print curriculum sold through the Rangers Online Store (while supplies last).  Merit requirements can be found by following the link shown below.  Once a merit has been completed or an award has been earned, the appropriate insignia may be purchased through the Rangers Online Store.

For More Information

For details on the requirements for the various merits and awards used in Expedition Rangers, follow these links:

Expedition Rangers Advancement Details
Silver Merit Requirements
Leadership Merits
Spirit Challenges & Alternatives
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E3 Award Recipients
Honor GMA Recipients
Trail of the Saber
Air-Sea-Trail-High Action Rangers Transition Plan
2010 Advancement System Changes


Program Changes

In March 2010 the national Royal Rangers leadership released a new Leader Manual detailing numerous changes to the Royal Rangers program including changes to the Expedition Rangers advancement trail.  The information presented here complies with these program changes.  For details on these changes, visiot our 2010 Program Updates page.


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