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Ranger Kids Advancement Trail


The Ranger Kids Advancement Trail is based on the needs, interest and characteristics of boys in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. The Trail is a plan of advancement through learning—from both experiences and activities—and being recognized for their learning. It is designed to offer every boy adventure and fun. The Trail is more than an interesting course of action; it is a new experience—a new achievement. It is a Ranger’s opportunity to grow through new abilities, knowledge, and desires.

The Ranger Kids Advancement Trail is made up of three trails:

Trail to the Elk Trail to the Wolverine Trail to the Cougar
Trail to the
Trail to the
Trail to the


To earn each trail’s patch, the Ranger Kid must earn the four awards along the trail. For example, once a Ranger Kid has earned the Antelope Award, the Ram Award, the Caribou Award, and the Buffalo Award, he receives the Elk patch.  The boys can earn these awards in any order because they are all of equal value, not based on previous requirements.  The individual steps that the Ranger Kid must take to earn each award are directed to help him grow PHYSICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, MENTALLY, and SOCIALLY.

After completing each step toward earning the award, the achievement is noted in the Ranger Kid’s Handbook and workbook with the commander’s signature and the date.  For information on where the patches should be placed on the Ranger Kids uniform, see the Ranger Kids Handbook.

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